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At Zeta, we create personalized customer experiences by connecting with the connected consumer at every micro-moment. Through 1:1 connections at scale, pervasive personalization, advanced attribution, strategy, analytics and Artificial Intelligence, we ignite a perpetual dialogue between brands and their customers. It's a powerful equation:

1:1 Marketing at Scale = Connected Identity

Persuasive Personalization = Connected Experience

Advanced Attribution = Connected Data

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Zeta Global Buys Boomtrain To Make Its Marketing Cloud Smarter


Retailers Should Stop Expecting the Holiday Season to Solve All Their Problems

Retailers pull out all the stops for the holiday season, when consumers open their wallets wide and increase their spend on all types of items. But retailers have gotten into the habit of relying on that six-week push to make up for any rough patches throughout the year, and that's a mistake, according to Sean Wilkins, vice president of strategy at data and analytics company Zeta Global. He spoke with eMarketer's Tricia Carr about how retailers can differentiate themselves during the holidays and why they can benefit from breaking out of the seasonal retail cycle.

How Data And AI Drives Advertising

You won't want to miss this interview with serial entrepreneur David Steinberg, CEO of Zeta Global, on his approach to data driven and AI informed advertising. Steinberg has a laser focused view on the marketing tech space and shares some terrific insights. After speaking with him it's clear that few people understand the space as well as he does!

Zeta Global Creates People-Based Programmatic Offering In Strategic Partnership With AppNexus

Zeta Global, the data-driven marketing technology innovator whose machine learning-powered Marketing Cloud helps leading brands acquire, retain and grow customer relationships, announced today that it is entering a strategic partnership with AppNexus, the world's leading independent advertising technology company.

Zeta Global, AppNexus Partner For Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

Zeta Global is zeroing in on the Holy Grail of marketing: one-to-one personalization. Zeta announced on Monday a strategic partnership with AppNexus to merge the latter's programmatic advertising technology into ZetaHub, Zeta's marketing cloud.